CAA MCK GEN 3 Glock | MICRO CONVERSION NAKED KIT | GLOCK 17/19/19X/20/21/22/23/25/31/32/45


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Transform Your Glock with a CAA MCK GEN 3 GLOCK KIT

Glock handguns have revolutionized the firearms industry with their simple, reliable, and durable designs. As a result, they have become the go-to choice for law enforcement, military, and civilian users worldwide.

The growing popularity of Glock handguns has led to an ever-expanding market for accessories and upgrades, providing users with endless customization options to suit their needs and preferences.

The CAA MCK GEN 3 Glock conversion kit is a cutting-edge product that transforms your Glock into a more versatile and accurate weapon system.

Compatibility with various Glock models

Full-size Glocks

The CAA MCK GEN 3 is compatible with a wide range of full-size Glock models, including the Glock 17, 22, 34, 35, and 45.

Compact Glocks

Users of compact Glock models such as the Glock 19, 23, 25, 32, and 38 can also use the CAA MCK GEN 3’s features.

Full compatibility.

This kit is compatible with the following models: 17/19/19x/20/21/22/23/25/31/32 and 45.

Confirm that your model is in the list before ordering this product.

Improved stability and accuracy

Extended stabilizer

The CAA MCK GEN 3 Glock features an extended stabilizer, which enhances stability and reduces recoil, allowing for faster follow-up shots and improved accuracy.

Integrated sights

The conversion kit comes with integrated iron sights, ensuring accurate target acquisition even without the use of additional optics.

Enhanced ergonomics

Non-slip grip

The CAA MCK GEN 3 Glock is designed with a non-slip grip, ensuring secure handling in all conditions.

Ambidextrous design

The conversion kit is engineered with an ambidextrous design, making it suitable for left- and right-handed shooters.

The CAA MCK GEN 3 Glock and tactical applications

Law enforcement use

The CAA MCK GEN 3 Glock conversion kit is an ideal choice for law enforcement officers, providing enhanced accuracy, stability, and versatility in high-pressure situations.

Home defense considerations

Homeowners seeking a reliable and accurate weapon system for home defense can benefit from the CAA MCK GEN 3 Glock’s improved ergonomics and performance.

Competitive shooting advantages

Competitive shooters can utilize the CAA MCK GEN 3 Glock conversion kit to gain a competitive edge, thanks to his benefits.

Installation and customization

How to install

The CAA MCK GEN 3 Glock is easy to install, requiring no gunsmithing or permanent modifications to your Glock handgun.

Available accessories


The CAA MCK GEN 3 Glock is compatible with a wide range of optics, allowing users to customize their sighting system to their preferences.

Flashlights and lasers

The conversion kit also accommodates flashlights and lasers, enabling users to enhance their target acquisition and visibility in low-light conditions.

Sling attachments

Sling attachment points are available for users wishing to add a sling for convenience and ease of carry.

Compatibility with suppressors

The CAA MCK GEN 3 Glock conversion kit is compatible with threaded barrels and suppressors, allowing users to reduce muzzle noise and flash for stealthier operation.

Cleaning and lubrication

Proper cleaning and lubrication are essential for ensuring the smooth operation and longevity of your CAA MCK GEN 3 Glock kit.

The cleaning system was one of our improvements for the GEN 3; you will easily find out how much better it is.


The CAA MCK GEN 3 Glock conversion kit is a comprehensive solution for Glock users seeking to enhance their handguns’ performance, versatility, and customization.

Its compatibility with various Glock models improved stability, and potential future developments make it a very interesting option if you own a compatible model.

As the Glock accessories and conversion kits market continues to evolve, we can expect further innovations and improvements in the CAA MCK GEN 3 Glock conversion kit and its competitors.

Stay informed about the latest developments to maximize the potential of your Glock handgun.

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