Flip Mount for MEPRO MX3F-X3 Magnifier-ML80144


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Flip Mount for MEPRO MX3F-X3 Magnifier-ML80144

The MEPRO MX3 3x Magnifier with Integrated Side Flip Adaptor and the MEPRO MX3-F 3x Magnifier with Integrated Push-Button Side Flip Adaptor offers enhanced functionality for your optical needs.

  • Compatible with the Standard MIL 1913 Picatinny rail.
  • The MEPRO MX3-F is a lightweight scope with 3X magnification that effectively extends the shooting range of most non-magnified (1X) Red Dot sights, such as MEPRO M21, MEPRO RDS, and MEPRO RDS PRO V2, as well as other optical sights. This innovative scope eliminates the need for zeroing and securely attaches to the Picatinny rail behind the reflex sight, ensuring seamless operation without any interference.
  • Featuring an Integrated Side Flip Adaptor, the MX3-F allows you to effortlessly engage in longer distance shots without the need to re-zero your rifle. Equipped with a reliable Secured Side Flip Push-Button mechanism, it ensures that accidental changes in the magnifier’s position are prevented.
  • The MEPRO MX3-F can also serve as a hand-held compact telescope for observing and exploring the battlefield area. It offers the flexibility to be configured on the right or left side when not in use.
  • Included in the box: MEPRO MX3-F with a side flip Push-Button picatinny adapter, black field cover, lens cleaning cloth, cleaning brush, and a User manual.


The MEPRO MX3-F is a 3X power magnifier designed to be seamlessly attached to the Picatinny rail, positioned directly behind the reflex sight. It features an integrated mechanism with a side flip Push-Button adaptor, allowing for easy retraction when not in use.

With its magnification capabilities, the MEPRO MX3-F significantly enhances the precision and effectiveness of Meprolight reflex/red dot sights (such as MEPRO M21, MEPRO MOR, MEPRO RDS, MEPRO RDS PRO V2) and other optical sights, without the need for re-zeroing. Whether configured for the right side or left side ride, this magnifier ensures minimal interference when not in use, easily flipped into position for longer distance shots.

Compact, lightweight, and exceptionally durable, the Mepro MX3-F offers elevation and windage dials that facilitate precise FOV line of sight alignment. Its wide field of view enables rapid target acquisition, allowing for enhanced situational awareness with both eyes open.


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All products and processes at Meprolight adhere to rigorous quality criteria, ensuring thorough performance, meticulous control, and diligent monitoring.


Flip Mount for MEPRO MX3F-X3 Magnifier-ML80144

Flip Mount for MEPRO MX3F-X3 Magnifier-ML80144

Flip Mount for MEPRO MX3F-X3 Magnifier-ML80144