Mepro GLS

The Mepro GLS, a 40 mm grenade launcher sight system, offers users a highly accurate optic for distances ranging from 50 to 400 meters (54 to 420 yards). Historically, grenade sight optics have proven to be less reliable in terms of accuracy. Moreover, their usage was predominantly limited to daylight hours. However, Meprolight has overcome these challenges by leveraging cutting-edge design and manufacturing equipment to develop a dual illuminated optical grenade launcher reflex sight. This sight is capable of functioning flawlessly in all weather conditions, day or night. Notably, the dual self-illuminated internal power system ensures continuous operation for years without the need for batteries or an external power source.

The highly durable, MIL-SPEC, MEPRO GLS offers exceptional eye relief, enabling users to swiftly acquire targets with both eyes open, resulting in significantly improved first hit probability. By aligning the illuminated dot in the sight window with the target, users can effortlessly shoot with high accuracy. Furthermore, the internal compensating system effectively addresses grenade spindrift, ensuring precise performance day or night. This lightweight and compact unit can be easily mounted on Picatinny top and side rails using three different mounting adaptors.

The dual illuminated MEPRO GLS optical sight represents a significant technological advancement. Its lightweight and compact design allows for easy mounting with three different adaptors on standard top and side rails.

Achieving exceptional accuracy day or night is effortlessly attained. By aiming with both eyes open, simply align the illuminated dot in the sight window with the target and engage.

Key Advantages:

  • Durable compact and lightweight.
  • Internal Drift Compensation
  • Efficient Target Acquisition – Increased First Hit Probability
  • No batteries required – no on/off switch – always operational, always prepared.
  • Multiple Mounting Options


  • Eye Relief 0-300 mm
  • Field of View Unlimited (with both eye open)
  • Range 50-400 m
  • Resolution Increments of 25 m
  • Dot Size 12 moa
  • Dot Intensity Variable (Automatic)
  • Drift Compensation Built-in
  • Weight 250 gr
  • Dimensions (L x W x H) 65 x 50 x 52 mm (w/o adaptor)
  • Mounting Options Left side adaptor
  • Top rail Picatinny adaptor
  • Combined adaptor
  • Tavor adaptor
  • M16 adaptor
  • Insas adaptor
  • FN adaptor
  • and more