CAA MCK GENERATION 2 Micro Conversion Professional Kit – Glock 20, 21 (Gen. 4, 3)


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CAA MCK GENERATION 2 Micro Conversion Professional Kit – Glock 20, 21 (Gen. 4, 3)

Look no further than the lightweight micro-form factor PRO Gen 2 MCK Kit for the fastest assembly and disassembly conversion kit available boasting the highest-quality manufacturing and broad compatibility. Affordable and proven to increase firing rate, stability, and accuracy, we’ll be taking you through a complete look at the MCK Gen 2 and its outstanding functionality and features.

What You Get With Your PRO Gen 2 MCK Conversion Kit:

Side Rail Thumb Rests (Polymer-Pair)

Sling Swivel With Button-Based Fitment

Single Point Sling


Flip-Up Front Sight (Polymer)

Rear-Up Front Sight (Polymer)

Micro Red Dot

Compatibility, The MCK Gen 2 Fits:

Supports The Following Models:

1. #MCKN – Glock 17, 18, 19, 19X, 25, 31, 32, 45 (Gen. 5, 4, 3) | Glock 22, 23 (Gen. 3&4)
2. #MCKN21 – Glock 20, 21 (Gen. 3, 4)
3. #MCKN26/27GEN2 – Glock 26, 27 (Gen. 5, 4, 3, 2)
4. #MCKN34/41GEN2 – Glock 34, 35, 41 (Gen. 5, 4, 3)
5. #MCKN43/48GEN2 – Glock G43, 43X, G48
6. #MCKNSWSD9 – S&W SD9VE/SD40VE (A suppressor is not compatible | Does not fit the SW9VE or any previous sigma models)
7. #MCKNSHIELD – S&W M&P SHIELD (A suppressor is not compatible |Does not fit EZ models).
8. #MCKNMP4 – S&W M&P 2.0 4 INCH (A suppressor is not compatible).

Incompatible with Glock 22 Gen 5 and Glock 23 Gen 5

*** Each model has its own respective conversion kit***

PRO Gen 2 MCK Conversion Kit Features:

Zero proficiency is needed to fit the conversion kit

Multiple model support and ambidextrous design

Recessed finger groove enhancing grip and stability

Top-mounted aluminum Picatinny rail allowing for sights, flashlight, and various optics

Support for peripherals like additional thumb-rests thanks to side-mounted Picatinny

Button-based release system for front extra cartridge holder

Integrated charging handle for fastest assembly/disassembly possible

Sliding release system remains open, enabling quick access and fast use

MCK Gen 2 Pro Specifications And Benefits:

All that it takes is a quick locking into place, and the conversion kit is fitted. The MCK Gen 2 Pro is the most affordable micro conversion kit in production, with among the quickest conversion times on the market thanks to the supremely simple fitment. Two versions are on offer. You’ve got a choice between the US-compliant version that comes with a long stabilizing brace or the alternate model that arrives with the standard folding stock.

Single-handed firing performance is vastly improved over up to 100 meters thanks to the precision engineering of the design, and the unit supports firing from a folded, locked stock to ramp up your response time. There are several notable improvements over the first-generation micro conversion kit. The kit is easier and quicker to fit, thanks to the rear door extending by 15 degrees more. Suppressor height sights can also now be fitted, and the top Picatinny rail has heightened stability translating to better accuracy and longer-lasting durability.

The Gen 2 MCK has a better clip holder and expulsion system than ever, allowing for lightning-quick release with as little loading delay as possible. The charging handle also grips better by touching more of the stock’s surface, instantly granting a sense of combat readiness. While not provided, the kit supports a brass catcher and accommodates a suppressor with a maximum diameter of up to 1.38″.

A full host of features make the PRO Gen 2 MCK the best-in-class conversion kit available, here’s what you can expect:

Industry-Leading Fitment Simplicity & Low Assembly/Disassembly Time

An Assortment Of Colors Offered – Black, Green, Tan, and Tungsten Grey

Top & Side Picatinny Rails For Maximum Accessory Support

Compatibility With Suppressors And Compensators & Suppressor Sights

Folding Stock Ensuring Reliable Concealment Of Assembled Kit

Upgrade Your Performance With The Ultimate Kit Available

The extended stabilizer is adaptable and an effective performance-enhancing component. With or without the brace, the stability and consequent accuracy upgrade is impressive. The area between the top fitment area and the bottom of the rail is broader, which makes using an optic/sight or suppressor sight much more effective. The new generation PRO Gen 2 MCK is a total upgrade over all previous versions. There’s nothing quite like it, from the enhanced charging handle to improved overall design and faster-than-ever fitment, it exceeds all expectations.

Stock Type

Regular Stock-SBR-All NFA Rules Apply, STAB- NON SBR , NON NFA


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