CKS Tactical Hydration Pack with MOLLE Webbing, Water Reservoir and Bladder for Tactical Vests and Backpacks


CKS Tactical Hydration Pack with MOLLE Webbing, Water Reservoir and Bladder for Tactical Vests and Backpacks: The Ultimate Gear Companion for Outdoor Enthusiasts

When it comes to outdoor activities like airsoft, hunting, shooting, and hiking, having the right gear can greatly enhance your experience. One essential piece of equipment is a reliable hydration pack that ensures you stay hydrated throughout your adventures. The CKS Tactical Hydration Pack with MOLLE Webbing, Water Reservoir, and Bladder for Tactical Vests and Backpacks is a top-notch hydration solution designed to meet the needs of outdoor enthusiasts. We will delve into the features, benefits, and proper usage of this remarkable product.

Made from High-Quality 500D Nylon Fabric for Durability, Water Repellency, and Quick-Dry Performance

The CKS Tactical Hydration Pack is crafted from premium 500D nylon fabric, guaranteeing exceptional durability and longevity. This high-quality material is known for its resistance to tears, abrasions, and punctures, making it perfect for rugged outdoor environments. Additionally, the pack’s water-repellent properties ensure that your belongings remain safe and dry even in wet conditions. Furthermore, the quick-dry performance of the fabric ensures that moisture evaporates rapidly, preventing the growth of mold or mildew.

Small Size and Large Storage Capacity, Weighing Only 0.3kg – Easy to Carry

One of the standout features of the CKS Tactical Hydration Pack is its compact and lightweight design. Weighing a mere 0.3kg, this hydration pack is incredibly easy to carry, allowing you to remain agile during your outdoor adventures. Despite its small size, the pack boasts a spacious main pouch with dimensions of 6.29″ (length) x 3.54″ (width) x 11″ (height). This generous storage capacity enables you to conveniently carry a 3-liter water bag, ensuring you have an ample supply of hydration for extended activities.

YKK Zippers to Secure Your Gear in Pocket

The CKS Tactical Hydration Pack is equipped with YKK zippers, renowned for their unmatched reliability and strength. These high-quality zippers ensure that your gear remains securely stored in the pack’s pockets, providing peace of mind during rigorous physical activities. The smooth operation of YKK zippers guarantees quick and effortless access to your belongings whenever needed.

Multiple MOLLE Webbing for Loading Small Gears and Attach to MOLLE System

For those who require additional storage options, the CKS Tactical Hydration Pack features multiple MOLLE webbing attachments. The Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment (MOLLE) system allows you to customize your pack by attaching compatible gear and accessories. This versatile webbing system enables you to conveniently load small items and expand the carrying capacity of the pack to meet your specific requirements.

Two Hidden Water Pipe Outlets on Top for Easy Access

Staying hydrated during outdoor activities is crucial, and the CKS Tactical Hydration Pack ensures easy access to water. The pack is designed with two hidden water pipe outlets on the top, allowing you to effortlessly route the water pipe to your preferred side for convenient hydration without the need to remove the pack. This thoughtful feature ensures uninterrupted water flow during your adventures.

Double Pockets – A Main Pocket and a Small Pocket

The CKS Tactical Hydration Pack offers a practical organization system with its double-pocket design. The main pocket provides ample space for storing your essentials, such as extra clothing, snacks, or personal items. The smaller pocket is perfect for storing smaller accessories like keys, a wallet, or a flashlight, keeping them easily accessible when needed.

Three Pieces of Loop System Panels and Three-Sides MOLLE Systems

Enhancing the pack’s versatility and customization options, the CKS Tactical Hydration Pack features three pieces of loop system panels and three-sides MOLLE systems. These loop panels allow for the attachment of patches, morale tags, or other compatible accessories, while the three-sides MOLLE system provides additional attachment points for gear, expanding the pack’s functionality to suit your specific needs.

Main Pocket Has Three Opening Places for Easy Access

Convenience and accessibility are paramount when choosing a hydration pack, and the CKS Tactical Hydration Pack delivers on both fronts. The main pocket of this pack is designed with three opening places, ensuring easy access to your stored items from multiple angles. This feature eliminates the need for extensive rummaging, allowing you to quickly locate and retrieve your gear whenever required.

Double Quick Release Buckles for Extra Safety

Safety is a top priority during intense outdoor activities, and the CKS Tactical Hydration Pack incorporates double quick-release buckles for added security. These buckles provide a reliable and swift method of fastening and releasing the pack, ensuring it stays securely attached to your tactical vest or backpack during your adventures.

Two Hidden Interlayers for Better Item Classification

Efficient organization of your gear is made possible by the CKS Tactical Hydration Pack’s two hidden interlayers. These concealed compartments allow for better item classification, enabling you to separate and locate your belongings with ease. With improved organization, you can optimize your time in the outdoors and focus on the activities you enjoy most.

MOLLE Friendly – Suitable for Vests, Backpacks, and Most Gears with MOLLE Systems

The CKS Tactical Hydration Pack is specifically designed to be MOLLE friendly, meaning it seamlessly integrates with a wide range of tactical vests, backpacks, and gears equipped with MOLLE systems. This compatibility ensures versatility and allows you to expand your carrying capacity or configure your gear setup to match your preferences and requirements.

Ideal for Airsoft, Hunting, Shooting, Hiking, and Other Outdoor Activities

The CKS Tactical Hydration Pack is the perfect companion for various outdoor activities. Whether you are engaging in airsoft battles, embarking on hunting expeditions, honing your shooting skills, or conquering challenging hiking trails, this hydration pack is built to withstand the rigors of your chosen adventure. With its durability, functionality, and adaptability, it will undoubtedly enhance your outdoor experience.


How do I properly maintain the CKS Tactical Hydration Pack?

To maintain the longevity of your hydration pack, it is recommended to clean it regularly. Hand wash the pack using mild detergent and warm water. Allow it to air dry completely before storing. Avoid using harsh chemicals, bleach, or machine washing, as they may damage the pack’s fabric and components.

Can I use the CKS Tactical Hydration Pack with other backpacks?

Yes, the CKS Tactical Hydration Pack can be used with various backpacks, as long as they are compatible with the MOLLE system. Simply attach the hydration pack to the backpack using the MOLLE webbing, and you’ll have the advantage of additional hydration without sacrificing storage space.

How do I ensure a proper fit of the CKS Tactical Hydration Pack on my tactical vest?

The hydration pack is designed to attach securely to most tactical vests equipped with MOLLE systems. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for attaching the pack, ensuring that the straps are properly adjusted for a snug and comfortable fit. Adjust the straps as needed to prevent excessive movement during physical activities.


The CKS Tactical Hydration Pack with MOLLE Webbing, Water Reservoir, and Bladder offers a comprehensive solution for outdoor enthusiasts seeking reliable hydration during their adventures. Crafted from high-quality 500D nylon fabric, this pack ensures durability, water repellency, and quick-dry performance. With its compact size, largestorage capacity, and lightweight design, it is incredibly easy to carry. The inclusion of YKK zippers, multiple MOLLE webbing, and hidden interlayers further enhance its functionality and customization options.

Designed for a wide range of outdoor activities such as airsoft, hunting, shooting, and hiking, the CKS Tactical Hydration Pack is a versatile and reliable companion. Its compatibility with MOLLE systems allows for seamless integration with vests, backpacks, and other gear, ensuring a tailored setup that suits your specific needs.

Note: To properly use and maintain the CKS Tactical Hydration Pack, it is recommended to clean it regularly with mild detergent and warm water, allowing it to air dry completely. Additionally, ensure a proper fit on your tactical vest by following the manufacturer’s instructions and adjusting the straps as needed.

Investing in the CKS Tactical Hydration Pack means investing in a durable, functional, and adaptable piece of gear that will enhance your outdoor experience. With its remarkable features and benefits, this hydration pack is a must-have for anyone who values hydration, organization, and convenience during their outdoor pursuits.


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