MEPRO FUBS Rear 2 Dot Black Body Flip Back Up Sights with G/G – ML40410


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MEPRO FUBS Rear 2 Dot Black Body Flip Back Up Sights with G/G - ML40410

MEPRO FUBS Self-Illuminated Flip Backup Sights

  • The MEPRO FUBS flip-up sights are sophisticated and discreet self-illuminated front and 2-Dot rear back-up tritium sights. They are specifically engineered as a secondary sighting solution in case of primary optics failure, while also being suitable for use as primary sights. The Mepro FUBS sights can be easily mounted to any Picatinny rail using the 2.5mm Hex key provided.
  • GETTING ON TARGET: The MEPRO FUBS offers highly reliable illumination for day and night operations. By utilizing premium-grade tritium vials, the FUBS ensures excellent visibility in low-light and nighttime conditions. Both the rear and front tritium sources emit a green glow in low-light and nighttime environments. The nighttime illumination is designed to provide sufficient brightness for visibility while maintaining a clear sight picture. With continuous light production and long-lasting performance, the MEPRO FUBS remains operational 24/7 for an impressive duration of 12 years.
  • The sights feature a construction of fiberglass reinforced polymer and metal, ensuring exceptional durability. Equipped with a high-grade tritium vial, they provide reliable illumination for engaging targets day or night. A spring-based locking mechanism enables rapid deployment when required.
  • Convenient Adjustment: The detent knob situated at the rear facilitates effortless windage adjustment, while the front sight showcases an indexed elevation drum that is easy to adjust. Zeroing can be achieved without the need for any tools.
  • Experience 12 years of brilliant tritium illumination, guaranteed!


The Mepro FUBS is a set of tritium-enhanced sights, featuring two vials securely inserted in the rear sight and one in the front sight. These self-illuminated backup sights are designed as secondary sighting options in case of primary optics failure. The advanced Mepro FUBS sights, made of durable composite material, ensure reliability. They can be quickly and easily flipped into position when needed, and the sight pin elevation can be adjusted tool-free.

Day or night, the tritium component of the Mepro FUBS offers a dependable solution for users.


MEPROLIGHT is a renowned manufacturer and global supplier of self-illuminated/illuminated sights, top-grade electro-optical and optical sights, night vision, and thermal sights and devices. For over three decades, we have proudly served leading armed forces, law enforcement agencies, and the commercial/civilian markets worldwide. We are the world’s leading supplier of self-illuminated/illuminated sights for handguns, rifles, and shotguns, catering to esteemed firearms manufacturers in the US and Europe.

Meprolight products, purpose-built and battle-tested, are relied upon by militaries, law enforcement, and consumers worldwide. With a track record of delivering over 36 million sighting and aiming devices, Meprolight continues to serve its loyal customer base across the globe.

MEPROLIGHT production processes adhere to the rigorous quality standards of ISO9001 (Quality Management System), ISO14001(Environmental Management System), and ISO18001 (Occupational Health and Safety Management System). At Meprolight, all products and processes are executed, supervised, and scrutinized to ensure compliance with these exacting criteria.


MEPRO FUBS Rear 2 Dot Black Body Flip Back Up Sights with G/G - ML40410

MEPRO FUBS Rear 2 Dot Black Body Flip Back Up Sights with G/G - ML40410