This product does not come with a flashlight or gun, nor any stocks or stabilizers.

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Introducing! The Compact Solution | Gen 1 CAA MCK TAC


A Versatile Upgrade for Enhanced Firearm Performance

In today’s fast-paced world, firearm enthusiasts and professionals require versatile solutions that can improve their shooting experience. The Gen 1 CAA MCK TAC is an innovative accessory that offers enhanced performance, adaptability, and ease of use. This article will delve into the features, benefits, and installation process of the MCK TAC, as well as explore the use of CR123 batteries, four 9mm rounds, ear protection, and accessories such as the Bungee sling, swivel sling, and thumb rest.

The Gen 1 CAA MCK TAC, also known as the Micro Conversion Kit Tactical, is a compact conversion kit designed to transform your pistol into a versatile, carbine-like platform. Constructed with high-quality materials, this kit offers increased stability, accuracy, and control during shooting. It is compatible with various handgun models, making it an ideal choice for enthusiasts with different pistol preferences.

Key Features and Benefits:

  1. Enhanced Stability and Control: The Gen 1 CAA MCK TAC provides a stable platform, reducing muzzle rise and allowing for improved accuracy. Its ergonomic design and enhanced grip ensure comfortable handling, enhancing overall control of the firearm.

  2. Optics and Flashlight Compatibility: With the CAA811 Upgrade Kit installation, users can mount optics and flashlights securely onto the MCK TAC. This feature enables improved target acquisition and enhanced low-light visibility, making it suitable for both tactical applications and recreational shooting.

  3. Battery Compatibility: The MCK TAC accommodates CR123 batteries, commonly used for flashlights or optics. This convenient feature ensures consistent power supply, extending the operational time of your accessories without worrying about running out of battery power during crucial moments.

  4. Increased Ammunition Capacity: Equipped with a magazine well, the MCK TAC allows for quick and easy reloading, boosting the firearm’s ammunition capacity. Users can load four additional 9mm rounds, providing a tactical advantage in self-defense or competitive shooting scenarios.

  5. Ear Protection: The Gen 1 CAA MCK TAC considers the importance of hearing protection. While firing a firearm, the noise produced can be damaging to the ears. By using ear protection in conjunction with the MCK TAC, users can mitigate potential hearing damage and maintain their auditory health.

Accessories for Customization:

  1. Bungee Sling: The Bungee sling offers flexibility and comfortable carry options for the MCK TAC. It allows for easy transitioning between shooting positions and provides additional stability when moving or operating the firearm.

  2. Swivel Sling: The Swivel sling adds further versatility to the MCK TAC, enabling quick and easy shoulder transitions. It allows for comfortable carrying and provides freedom of movement, ensuring optimal performance in dynamic shooting situations.

  3. Thumb Rest: The Thumb rest accessory enhances ergonomics and grip control on the MCK TAC. By providing a comfortable resting place for the shooter’s thumb, it promotes stability and aids in recoil management, ultimately improving shooting accuracy.


How do I install the CAA811 Upgrade Kit?

The CAA811 Upgrade Kit installation is a straightforward process. It typically involves attaching the kit to the MCK TAC’s frame using the provided screws and following the manufacturer’s instructions. Ensure that you tighten the screws securely for a stable and secure fit.

Can I use other battery types besides CR123?

The MCK TAC is designed to accommodate CR123 batteries specifically. While other battery types may physically fit, it is recommended to use CR123 batteries for optimal performance and compatibility.

Is the MCK TAC compatible with all 9mm pistols?

The MCK TAC is compatible with a wide range of 9mm pistol models. However, it is essential to check the compatibility list provided by the manufacturer to ensure a proper fit and functionality with your specific pistol model.

How do I maintain and clean the MCK TAC?

Regular maintenance and cleaning of the MCK TAC are crucial for optimal performance. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for disassembly, cleaning, and lubrication. Ensure that you remove any dirt, debris, or residue that may accumulate over time, paying close attention to the moving parts and slide rails.


The Gen 1 CAA MCK TAC offers a compact and versatile solution for firearm enthusiasts and professionals seeking enhanced shooting performance. With features such as stability, optics compatibility, increased ammunition capacity, and battery accommodation, this conversion kit provides an excellent platform for improved accuracy and control. Additionally, the availability of accessories such as the Bungee sling, swivel sling, and thumb rest allows for customization and personalized shooting experiences. By following the proper installation, usage, and maintenance guidelines, users can optimize their firearm’s performance with the Gen 1 CAA MCK TAC.


Glock 20/21, GLOCK G17 G19 G19X G22 G23 G25 G31 G32 G45, Sig Sauer P320 9mm/.40 cal Full, Compact, and Carry


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