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MEPRO FT BULLSEYE™ FRONT SIGHT Innovative Fiber-Tritium Optical Pistol Front Sight

  • Compatible with all models of Glock firearms.
  • The world’s smallest optical sight, eliminating the need for a rear sight (rear dovetail filler included). Specifically designed to seamlessly fit standard holster designs without any required adjustments. The green bullseye sight picture ensures an intuitive, swift, and precise target acquisition.
  • An ideal solution for users who encounter eye fatigue and astigmatism.
  • No for batteries or switches – constantly prepared for action 24/7. Powered by fiber and tritium.
  • 12-year guarantee for seamless day and night operation.

The Mepro FT Bullseye Front Sight is exceptionally intuitive and excels in close-range shooting, significantly enhancing your marksmanship speed. Its low height over bore single-night-sight design is powered by fiber optics, ensuring optimal performance during daylight, while premium-grade tritium handles low-light and dark lighting conditions. Developed for shooters, the focus on the front sight allows for rapid target acquisition, resulting in faster engagement. This ultimate aiming solution is especially beneficial for users with tired eyes or astigmatism. Designed to fit standard holster designs without adjustments, simply install the sight to the slide and hit the range.


MEPROLIGHT is the premier manufacturer and global supplier of self-illuminated/illuminated sights, as well as top-grade electro-optical and optical sights, night vision, and thermal sights and devices. We proudly serve leading armed forces, law enforcement agencies, and the commercial/civilian markets worldwide. With over three decades of experience, MEPROLIGHT remains the world’s leading supplier of self-illuminated/illuminated sights for handguns, rifles, and shotguns, trusted by esteemed firearms manufacturers in the US and Europe.

Meprolight products, meticulously crafted and battle-tested, have earned the trust of militaries, law enforcement agencies, and consumers worldwide. Since its establishment, Meprolight has proudly manufactured and delivered over 36 million sighting and aiming devices to its loyal customer base across the globe.

MEPROLIGHT production processes adhere to the rigorous quality criteria set forth by ISO9001, ISO14001, and ISO18001 standards. At Meprolight, all products and processes are executed, supervised, and scrutinized to ensure compliance with these demanding standards.