CAA MCK Micro Conversion Advanced Kit – Fits S&W Gen2 Models – M&P 2.0 FULL & COMPACT


CAA MCK Micro Conversion Advanced Kit - Fits S&W Gen2 Models - M&P 2.0 FULL & COMPACTCAA MCK Micro Conversion Advanced Kit – Fits S&W Gen2 Models – M&P 2.0 FULL & COMPACT

The Advanced Gen1 MCK Conversion Kit offers lightning-quick fitment and stabilizing enhancing conversion of a wide variety of different popular models in use today. It couldn’t be simpler to ramp up firing accuracy than to fit the Gen 1 MCK, one of the fastest, most lightweight conversion kits available. Here are all the specifications and features that make the Advanced MCK a must-have affordable option.

What You Get With Your Advanced Gen 1 MCK Conversion Kit:

Side Rail Thumb Rests (Set Made From Matching Polymer)

Sling Swivel With Push-Button Release

Single Point Sling

Front-Mounting Flashlight

Front Flip-Up Sight (Polymer)

Front Rear-Up Sight (Polymer)

Compatibility, The MCK Gen 1 Fits:

#MCKP80 – Polymer 80 v1 & v2 Black


#MCKSWMP – S&W Gen2 Models – M&P 2.0 FULL & COMPACT


#MCKSA9 – Springfield Armory 9mm/.40sw

#MCKSA45 – Springfield Armory .45acp/10mm

Glock 25, Glock 19X, Glock 45, Glock 22, Glock 17, Glock 32, Glock 31, Glock 23, Glock 19

Incompatible with Glock 22 Gen 5 and Glock 23 Gen 5

*** Each model has its own respective conversion kit***

Advanced MCK Conversion Kit Dimensions:

Width: 2.48-Inches / 63-Millimeters

Height: 2.48-Inches / 63-Millimeters

Length: 3.7-Inches / 350-Millimeters

Advanced Gen 1 MCK Conversion Kit Features:

Simple fitment easy enough for novices

Supports multiple models

Recessed finger groove enhancing grip and stability

Top-mounted aluminum Picatinny rail allowing for sights, flashlight, and various accessories

Side-mounted Picatinny rail for additional accessory support (serrated thumb rests, etc.)

Quick button-based cartridge release with additional cartridge holder

Built-in charging handle rapid assembly/disassembly

Quick access sliding release system

MCK Gen 1 Advanced Specifications And Benefits:

It doesn’t take any advanced expertise to fit the Advanced MCK. The piece snaps in, then slides and locks into place in a few moments. With the lightweight conversion kit fitted, stability is enhanced, which improves both firing rate and accuracy. The Advanced MCK suits both left and right-handed individuals and has the charging handle integrated to speed up assembly and disassembly further.

The top and side Picatinny rails allow for the fitment of multiple accessories, a provided flashlight, and sights/optics. Two versions are available. You’ve got the choice between the SBR-compliant long stabilizing brace stock option (ideal for those in the US) and the standard folding stock that supports firing from a folded position.

Thumb rests on both sides are an invaluable stability enhancer, and there’s absolutely no play to the unit once the kit is assembled. The entire unit is light but sturdy and locks tightly instantly conveying a sense of control. There’s a fitment point for a spare cartridge and quick-ejection functionality to improve responsiveness.

High-quality lightweight manufacturing throughout and recessed thumb rests on both sides grant the utmost stability, further improving accuracy and control. The slide release remains exposed, allowing for direct access and improved quick functionality.

The Advanced MCK is a highly accessible conversion kit that’s one of the most affordable, high-performance upgrades available – here’s what you can expect from your new micro conversion kit:

Assembly/Disassembly In Moments Needed No Technical Proficiency

A Range Of Colors – Black, Green, Tan, and Tungsten Grey

Operation With Or Without SBR-Compliance Brace, And From Folded Stock

Both Top & Side Picatinny Allowing For Complete Range Of Sights/Optics & Accessories

Sleek, Lightweight Design Making Kit Easy To Conceal

Looking For The Ultimate Firing Upgrade?

From the moment that you fit an Advanced MCK conversion kit, you can feel the recoil reduction and stability boost. Immediately accuracy rises, and reload response times are lower than over. You’ll be able to fit any optic or sight that you prefer thanks to the well-positioned Picatinny rails. The whole kit is optimized for both single-handed firing and accuracy over range. There’s no other upgrade for that the offers the same scale of performance increase with matching sheer value for money.

Stock Type

Regular Stock-SBR-All NFA Rules Apply, STAB- NON SBR , NON NFA


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